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Early in pregnancy, if women have started experiencing some morning (or all day) sickness and are eating foods that are really different to what they usually eat, many of my patients begin to worry about their baby's health. Many of my patients spend months (or sometimes years) being really focused on their prenatal nutrition, then only to find that during the first trimester they just can't stomach the same foods. The amount of white toast and vegemite or potato chips that women consume during a couple of weeks of their pregnancy is sometimes way more that they've consumed in the 5 years previous! While natural medicine, relaxation, nutritional therapy or herbal medicine can help with nausea there are still many of my patients that eat whatever they can eat during those weeks. If you are finding that you're eating really differently take comfort in knowing that everything that you've been doing during that preconception phase is definitely going to be helping your baby. The turning on (and off) of genes that can happen during pregnancy is also influenced by what you did before baby was conceived. So if for a short period of time through your pregnancy you eat foods that aren't your usual foods, you just eat them because they settle your tummy, know that you've still set your baby up for good long term health. If you can tolerate vitamin supplements, maybe we can look at increasing those right now, but if they're not going (or staying) down either, then we can work on how to nourish you as best as we can right now and then work on enhancing your nutrient intake again as soon as you feel better. The wisdom of your baby is amazing and it's going to be doing all it can right now to keep baby healthy and developing well. . . 📸 @lauraliira