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[Its time for a parte guys!] The first ever #TeteaKE_BBQ_Edition is going down. A time to indulge yourself in a meaty mixed grill composed of a richly seasoned mbuzi choma, pork ribs, kuku choma, and your favorite m'shikakiz. Accompanied with roasted potatoes, some crispy fries, slices of delicious pizza, and ofcos autahata some chapos na kaugali. Details to the event are as follows: #TheBBQ is on 6th Dec | @cravekitchen | #TickosGo4: KSH.1500 : #Time: As from 3PM. This event is geared towards supporting our campaigns. The agenda of these campaigns is to fight the root causes of poverty in our communities. We fight vices such as #FGM #EarlyMarriage #EarlyPregnancy #DrugAbuse #Rape etc and ultimately promote the advancement of education.