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The four big reasons to call your doctor when you’re pregnant! This is something we go over in the office on a daily basis, and such a normal question for parents to be to ask. I’ll go over the four cardinal questions every OB asks this week! Starting today with vaginal bleeding. Honestly, this is usually an easy one- we don’t typically have to convince patients to call when they’re bleeding! And I ask about it at every #prenatalcare visit. Seeing any amount of blood when you’re pregnant is scary! Around 24 weeks with Ella I had some bleeding. It makes your breath catch in your throat. Thankfully all was well, and while no one likes a pelvic exam- that was one I was glad to have! Believe it or not some bleeding in pregnancy may be normal. In the first trimester the process of implantation can cause bleeding, but it could also signal ectopic pregnancy, impending miscarriage, or problems with your uterus/cervix like subchorionic hematoma, polyps, or infection. In the second trimester bleeding can signal preterm labor, cervical insufficiency (painless dilation), or placental problems. Any new bleeding in pregnancy warrants a call to your doctor. You may be instructed to observe, or may be asked to come in. Frequently we find the cervix is friable due to hormonal changes, and can reassure a patient that all is well. If bleeding is heavier or associated with pain, evaluation in the ER or labor and delivery may be the best option. It’s so important to rule anything serious out. And it’s so nice when we can all take a deep breath and relax once we know everything is ok. #obgynlife #approachabledocs #obstetrics #earlypregnancy #bleedinginpregnancy #pregnancy #healthypregnancy #preggo #atxobgyn #atxmom #mamadoctor