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Food cravings before, during and after menstruation is associated with two things: hormonal fluctuations; and changes in our energy needs . . . During menstruation, a lot happens in a females body! Given the changes that occur in our body, doesn’t it also make sense that our body may have different nutritional requirements at this time as well? . . . Food cravings are our bodies way of ensuring we obtain the nutrients our bodies require. Further, during the peak of a women’s menstrual period , extra energy is in fact needed. The body, wanting to maintain homeostasis (in everything from weight to mood), will intuitively know what it needs and will crave certain foods to obtain those requirements . . . Females often do not allow themselves to listen to their body & accommodate these physical changes that are required. It is the guilt we feel right after eating these foods that is far more likely to lead to binge eating, rather than the food itself . . . So reminding yourself of what is taking place at a physiological level during menstruation and normalising the fact that we have different nutritional requirements at this time  is so important to reduce the guilt associated with the fact that our body is actually doing what it needs to be doing . . . Allowing yourself the food you crave, and enjoying it, is actually the main secret to preventing development of binge eating during menstruation. Do not restrain yourself from eating it or worry about weight gain . . You actually need to TRUST your body!