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This mama-to-be is really suffering with morning sickness, is struggling to keep much down and it’s making her anxious 🤢 • She’s just seven weeks pregnant, which is such a tricky time to manage morning sickness and anxiety because most women keep their pregnancies to themselves at this time, so they don’t get the support they really need 😔 • Luckily, she came for some acupuncture which can work wonders for morning sickness and anxiety. Acupuncture can subside or completely eliminate morning sickness and it can really reduce anxiety by balancing the emotions 💫 • The first trimester is often the hardest because there is so much going. The body is making a brand new being from scratch so it is in overdrive. It’s the busiest time of pregnancy and it can be very taxing on the mother 🌪 • One of the points I used was PERICARDIUM 6, which is a point for both nausea and anxiety, so is perfect for this case 🙏🏻 • Acupuncture can bring real relief from the difficulties of the first trimester, give it a go 💜🤰🏼