Today is the last day of Baby Loss month Vicki and l are also 1 in 4.xx My pregnancy was known as anembryonic. The NHS definition for this is when a fertilized egg attaches itself to the uterine wall, but the embryo does not develop. Cells develop to form the pregnancy sac, but not the embryo itself." When I began to bleed I went to the early pregnancy unit. Upon checking my bloods & doing a scan l was told that it was either too early for the scan to show anything, or, it was anembryonic, of which the latter was more likely to be the case, based on my hormone levels and the size of the sac. I was sent home with another scan scheduled for 10 days’ time & had to wait at home. My miscarriage progressed itself & even though it was unpleasant l am glad it did without any medical intervention. Whilst my pregnancy was a surprise, my perspective during the loss was devastation, as l had begun to settle on the idea & making plans for baby's arrival. My support network was Ruairi & Vicki & family Without a doubt Vicki was there for me & l very much appreciated that as we have both suffered similar loss. Whilst Ruairi would offer support, he was also honest in that he felt it didn't affect him how it affected me, mainly because l was the one going through it, and he felt useless. My advice for someone who is suffering, or, has suffered a loss would be, firstly, to have someone to talk to & Take time out for yourself Always remember that everyone’s journey through baby loss is different, one person's feelings & experience will be different to another. If you can, avoid comments like “you were only a few weeks on” / “you have one at home / “you can try again." Simply being there will help It's important to remember that: • Everyone’s loss story is our own • No two baby loss journeys are the same • Regardless of how many weeks we all suffered a loss at, we still enter the grieving process. • How we feel today about our loss, despite the length of time that may have passed, is perfectly natural, and we have a right to express our grief • Where people are on their loss journey is not going to be the same (e.g.: Whether it be through IVF