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11+4 . I'm outta sync! This was actually taken on 11+1 but close enough. . So we had to cancel an abroad holiday to a part of the world where there is risk of Zika virus (as per UK govt advice as high risk of foetal abnormalities if I were to catch it). . Instead we headed back to my home town (where I grew up) in the UK as we still had the leave. It's within driving distance of a beach so went there one day with friends. Morning sickness still around but not too horrible that day. . Friends had fun finding pebbles that might match the size of the foetus at the time 😂 . Was a good day despite the general faint un-wellnesd of early pregnancy 😊 . #beachday #earlypregnancy #firsttrimester #zikavirus #staycation #foetus #stillsotiny