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Well, we got it. WE ARE PREGNANT AND WE GOT OUR LITTLE PRIDE BABY MIRACLE!!! We both still can’t even believe it, and honestly, its still so early, we weren’t sure if we should even post about it, ( and I don’t think either of us will let our guard down and be 100% excited for a few more weeks) but sharing this journey has been so freeing, even if no one ever read it. It’s just the action of writing out how we are feeling and connecting with people feeling the same way! SO WE WANTED TO SHARE! I’m about 4 weeks along, and we have a longgggg way to go until we are “ out of the clear” and can sit back and relax and just let this lil babe grow. I took my second blood test today and my numbers are doubling so that’s a GREAT sign! I have to have my blood tested again in 5 more days and then in 5 days after that, and then the first ultrasound will be done at 6 weeks!!! Didn’t realize that getting the positive would set off a whole new set of fears, but staying strong and doing lots of meditation and walking to relive that!!! Everyone please still send thoughts of a strong lil baby growing fast to us!! 👶🏻 😍🌈🧡💜💚💙💛