After a technical mishap in getting my bloodwork back, I finally have the results!!! 🎉 I will be showing these numbers to my midwife tomorrow (booked a consultation) but in my non-professional opinion, it looks like I am about 5 weeks pregnant! 🤰 (Blood was taken at 5 weeks + 2 days if that is accurate)❤ So to all 46 of you who answered my poll (and my husband!) and thought August was baby-making month sorry, but it looks like you’re wrong! 🙅‍♀️The other 30 of you can pat yourselves on the back for being totally right!👏🏻 Technically, HCG is not supposed to be used to measure how far along a pregnancy is but as of this moment, that’s what I’ve got to go on! 💁‍♀️And until I have more info, we’re sticking to that prediction!!❤❤ This means I get to announce (officially) for Christmas, 🎄and I’ve already got a plan for telling my parents. Time to get working on their present!! 🤫🎁