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From glam to frazzled - it doesn't take long! Grief is such an unpredictable force. We can be ok one day and the next, we're really not. It sometimes feels like we are dragging around a heavy rock that is determined to crush us. We keep going and don't say anything, especially if we're grieving a miscarriage. Miscarriage is conceived as something unfortunate but not worthy of grief. But it is. A miscarriage is more than a loss. It can trigger so many questions in the aftermath. Who am I now? Why me? Why couldn't I do it? What is wrong with me? We can be on a downward spiral really quickly. It starts with the shock of the loss and ends with self-loathing, self worth in tatters and our identity in shambles. Miscarriage is more than a loss. It's a life-changing event that deserves all the attention and healing that is necessary.