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This week’s post is a more personal reflection! I’m very grateful the latter half of my pregnancy was relatively smooth—but the first trimester and beginning of my second were quite scary. I had a fairly common abnormality called a subchorionic hematoma (aka hemorrhage)—multiple times. After lots of bleeding, various trips to the ER, and a fainting episode—they finally clotted properly. When I made the decision to start a blog, I knew I wanted this to be one of my early posts-I didn’t have any friends or family who had any issues with hematomas, so I searched around for people who had similar experiences...but couldn’t find many first-person blog posts about what it was like for others (and I wasn’t on IG yet!). So here it is-it’s not necessarily an assurance there won’t be further complications down the line, just an opportunity to relate and know you’re not alone! Link in bio if you’re interested :) . . . #momblog #momlife #pregnancy #subchorionichematoma #subchorionichemorrhage #firsttrimester #secondtrimester #earlypregnancy #pregnancycomplications #highriskpregnancy #naturallynerdymommy