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October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month. Sometimes I believe we go through things in life so that we can help others who may one day go through a similar situation. . 3 years ago, we learned we were pregnant after trying to conceive a second child for nearly 2 years. But this time, something just didn't feel "right". And at 7 wks, we were I had "miscarried". . I went on for the next 6 wks to get bloodwork each week to confirm my levels were going down "normally". And each time my doctor would always call to tell me they were. . I’d felt fine up until this point. Then one day out of nowhere, sweat suddenly started dripping down my face, I felt sick to my stomach, and then I passed out. . I was home alone. There’s no doubt my angels were watching over me that day because I managed to call 911 just before I fell to the ground. . The paramedics arrived and started giving me oxygen, then one of them asked me "are you pregnant". I said no, but I recently miscarried. Next thing I knew they rushed me to the ER. . Unaware, I was internally bleeding to death and had lost over 75% of my blood by the time I got to the hospital. Meanwhile, my husband was skiing in Utah when the doctor called and told him "your wife's in critical condition and we can't get her stable. You need to get on a plane home now!" . The last thing I remember is my mother-in-law coming in the operating room, holding my hand and telling me I had to hang in there for McKenna. In that moment, I just prayed that God would let me get through this to see my baby girl again. Then everything went white. . After surgery, they said I was so lucky to be alive. That had I not called 911 when I did or had gotten to the hospital 20 min later, I wouldn't be here. I received 4.5 blood transfusions that day, one (huge) incision, 18 staples down my stomach & spent 4 days in the hospital. I had a full tubal rupture due to an ectopic pregnancy. . An #EctopicPregnancy occurs in 1 out of 50 pregnancies and is the leading cause of maternal death in early pregnancy. I didn’t know what it was until it almost took my life. So today I'm sharing this to raise awareness and hopefully help save someone else's ❤️