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☀️ Good morning! It’s a beautiful day in Media, PA. Those experiencing morning sickness may not being feeling so good. Let’s talk! Morning sickness most commonly happens in the first few weeks of pregnancy, but for an unfortunate few, it can last longer. 😣 It more often happens in the morning hours, though others experience at other times or all day. Sometimes it’s nausea and sometimes there is vomiting. So, what can you do to relieve morning sickness? Eating bland dry foods like crackers, pretzels 🥨 or dry cereal, eating cold foods like frozen watermelon 🍉 , popsicles, and ice chips, and avoiding heavy or fatty foods when you’re most inclined to feel sick can help. There are lollipops and teas and other products on the market that might make things more convenient. Finding what works for you, and having those things on hand is clutch. If you experience severe nausea or vomiting and if your ability to eat well and care for yourself is affected, chat with your care provider. 🤔 Did you experience morning sickness? What helped you most?