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Me, presenting at the 2019 ICHG this morning. My talk was entitled "improvingI care for women with hyperemesis." My take home message? Listen. When they tell you what works. When they tell you what doesn't. When they don't feel like they can cope anymore. HG is not a psychological illness, but it can cause psychological distress and mental illness. Don't project. Don't underestimate. Advocate. We haven't cured HG let but we can prescribe empathy and respect and we should do so. • I am very grateful that I was able to receive a bursary from the Bikkja Trust to attend. Conferences are expensive and working part time means I have to make choices about what I can and can't do. • I'm genuinely in awe of the people here who have travelled across the world to try and make thing better for people like me. If you're struggling or have struggled, I hope I did you proud today. And if you provide care for women with HG I thank you. • #ichg19 #Hyperemesis #Hyperemesisgravidarum #morningsickness #obgyn #earlypregnancy #hgmom #doctorsofinstagram