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FOODS TO AVOID WHILE PREGNANT 🤰 . . . When you find out your pregnant, your life changes immediately. One of the biggest things that you have to consider is the foods that you are consuming. Although everyone has their own opinions and thoughts on what to avoid, here’s what I avoid during pregnancy: 1️⃣ Caffeine & Alcohol 2️⃣ Unpasteurized Diary 3️⃣ Raw Eggs 4️⃣ Undercooked & Deli Meats 5️⃣ High Mercury & Raw Fish For those wondering, this is a throwback picture when I have 5 1/2 months pregnant with Kate, the first time my belly “popped”. I wonder when my belly will pop with this baby (weekly progression pictures to come) . . . What are some things you avoid during pregnancy? Am I missing anything above? Do you consume any of the above while pregnant? . . . #foodstoavoidwhilepregnant #pregnancy #pregnancydiary #pregnancyjourney #foodstoavoid #healthypregnancy #healthybaby #growingalicandros #familyblog #4weekspregnant #earlypregnancy #baby