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8+1 . Pretty, isn't it? 🌄 . Husband suggested going for even a short walk outside of the confines of the garden etc to see if would help me feel bit better, as had been pretty cooped up, avoiding people etc (not wanting to tell many beyond the parents and very very close friends in risky first trimester...bloody hard when you feel so shit!). . We live in a place where such views are within (actual, for me this means less than 10 mins 😂) walking distance. So off we trotted. . It didn't make me feel less nauseous and initially I was just in a bit of a huff...but then after a while we stopped (my request) and found a spot we could lie down (ahhh lying flat...what a distant memory...but I will try not to ruin this story with spoilers...) at and gaze up at the fluffy clouds. That was really nice, despite all the tiredness and nausea. We were able to talk a bit about mushy things like feelings on the impending ginormous responsibility... but, actually in the moment and together, without device distractions. The togetherness bit makes it a (tiny) bit more bearable 😅 . Also, all the colours of everything seemed surreal. Heightened, kind of. Everything around me felt a bit odd. Like I was walking in somebody's dream or something. I can't explain it and it's all faded since. But in those early weeks, that's something else I experienced. Not sure if I liked it or not. Problem is, it sounds cool, but was associated with the rubbish stuff! . #earlypregnancy #villagewalk #pregnancy #morningsickness #pregnancyjourney