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Potential trigger warning. Had a scan today - our 3rd one so far. It wasn’t terrible news, but it wasn’t the reassurance we were hoping for. Baby is measuring smaller than expected, and with a slower heartbeat than it should have. The nurse couldn’t initially find the heartbeat and called a colleague in. They then confirmed a heartbeat but said it was slow. It’s still classed as a viable pregnancy, but the nurse said it may or may not progress from this point. So, another 2 weeks waiting for another scan. They gave a due date estimate that is 3 weeks later than the original one all my apps had given me. I’m absolutely terrified 😔 #ttc #earlypregnancy #ttcuk #endometriosis #pregnantwithendometriosis #endosisters #endometriosispregnancy #endopregnancy #pregnantendo