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"How are you feeling?" they ask, "Anxious" I reply. "Well, that isn't going to help anything, is it?" They're right, early pregnancy anxiety is not going to help a thing, but it is my right to feel what I feel. I can't wave a magic wand and make it disappear. I cannot click my heels together and return to a place of pre-pregnant calm and quiet. Not today. There is no pill or potion or witch craft that can spare me. I wanted to respond with all of this. I wanted to grab the person who said it by the arms and ask her if she had ever carried babies, ever lost them, ever had to fight to concieve them. I wanted to ask her if she remembered how fragile it feels to be 5 weeks pregnant. But I didn't. I smiled, I nodded, I resisted because I didn't have the energy to explain the depth of my feelings on the matter. This photo was taken at the weekend. It looks so lovely with the swans and the sunshine and the fluffy clouds but I was not having a good day. Anxiety and irritability killed my vibe and I went home, peed on a stick and poured my feelings into a short, sharp blog post which I've just shared in the link above. Please tell me how normal this is. Even for non-IVF mums. And to my IVF mums who are surviving a high progesterone-filled first trimester... What helps/helped you get by?| #ivfsupport #ivfmum #ivfjourney #5w2d #ivfwarrior #anxiety #earlypregnancy