One whole year of knowing about our little boy’s existence. I took the test right before Dustin got home from work that morning and set it on the counter so we could look together, but I was too scared to see another negative test so I laid in bed. When I saw him flip on the “good lights” in the bathroom, I figured it was another negative test and tears welled up in my eyes. He told me to come look, and when I did I saw it. The faintest little line, but it was there. I said “it’s a line” through quiet sobs. The smiles on our faces were half forced because we discovered “evaporation lines” are a thing and we were worried, but wanted to still document the moment. We held out on excitement as much as possible until I could get a digital test. Amazingly enough, I was three weeks and six days pregnant with our little Liam ♥️