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More heavy spotting today - so I of course had a panic and called the clinic and the nurse told me not to worry but to come off my Clexane and aspirin for now. About 20 mins after our call the spotting stopped 🙌 so really I should have just taken a deep breath. . No matter how many times I‘m told spotting is normal, especially in IVF pregnancies, it is almost impossible to really hear it. I’ve been spotting on and off now since before my 1st beta showed the very happy news that I’m pregnant. It makes every bathroom trip a heart-in-mouth moment and requires a sanitary pad on at all times 🥳 . All evidence points to everything being fine with the pregnancy, my hcg is now rising well (currently 2300) and with normal ranges and I’m feeling more reassuring pregnancy symptoms. I’m so so grateful and excited to be on this new journey and I want to enjoy it. I hope I’ll feel relief when I see little bub for the first time at my heartbeat scan but for now I am going to have to try chill the eff out and take each day as it comes. . . #ivf #ivfbfp #ivfstory #ivfsuccess #ivfbleeding #ivfwarrior #ivfsupport #ivfsisters #ttcwithendo #ttccommunity #bfp #earlypregnancy