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6+4 . This is my toilet, which I became closely acquainted with. 🚽🤢🤮 . At some point between 6 and 7 weeks the nausea began; I wasn't vomiting at first. Nausea wasn't quite like a stomach bug; it was most comparable to feeling hungover. I felt it all the time. . The other thing was sheer exhaustion. I wasn't performing adequately at work and so ended up telling my closest colleague (who was picking up pieces) and boss, who were luckily v understanding. And when got home, I would just vegetate on the sofa. Husband and I are pretty evenly split with regards to chores anyway (we both work full time) so that's never been an issue, and he really stepped up (like doing 95%+ around the house) during early pregnancy💕. . I did take the occasional day off work after the vomiting began. I tended to be sick nearly every morning and often last thing at night. This meant generally I could go in in between but sometimes after my morning vomiting I'd be tearful and so tired and unable to focus so I'd just want to stay home. Looking back, could've taken more time off, but felt guilt. Even though sometimes I'd feel so shit at work I'd just go cry in the loo! 😢 . Advice - DON'T feel guilty!!! Even if not actually being sick! Exhaustion and nausea are horrible and you're growing a human and getting used to a huge emotional change too - just take the time! Though I appreciate not all workplaces are as supportive as mine. I hope the world continues to move in the right direction with regards to this sort of thing... . More on morning sickness to follow. To those struggling right now, I'm aware some can end up in hospital on a drip (look up hyperemesis gravidarum), it WILL pass. Possibly not at 12 weeks bang on and for an unlucky few, not for months, but it will eventually. You can do this and don't be afraid to seek help from dr / midwife if needed. Also educate other half if they're not getting it. Also don't listen to anybody who tells you it's mind over matter or some bullshit like that; you're NOT failing if you're struggling with early pregnancy / pregnancy, it's just a really rough time! . Also - polo mints are your friend!!😄 . #earlypregnancy #morningsickness #pregnancy