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See these two- these are my little minis, my munchkins, my pigeon pair. . With these two beautiful souls in our life, hubby & I have been sooo content. . We were adamant we were ‘2 & through’......but the universe had other plans! . Long story short, in the busyness of life, selling houses & setting up an interstate move, I stopped tracking my cycle religiously. You know, in the way I want all my clients to! 🤦‍♀️ . So surprise!! Wright baby number 3 will be joining us earthside late March 2020. The newest member of the Fit Fab Mum family! . I wrote a blog about our experience of finding out we had another on the way (link in bio if you want to check it out!). Swear warning, as usual 😜. . But let’s just say I’m happy to feel like I’m (semi) back in the world of the living, and at 13 weeks! Yieeeew! Unheard of for me!! . I’d love to hear from anyone else that was adamant they were ‘DONE’, then found out one had snuck past the keeper 🙊 . . . . #theuniversehasitsownplans #newbub #threesacharm #notenougharms #newhousehasanextrabedroom #morningsickness #earlypregnancy #pregnancyannouncement #yepitshappening #fitfabmum #growingfamily