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The last thing I thought I was going to hear today was that there was no baby in sight. Just an empty sack. . I tried to hold it in because I had (my 2nd oldest) Andrea with me hoping she could experience this. I wanted to stay brave, but I broke down. I kept telling myself over and over. I can't go through this again. I just can't lose another baby. . This time I pray my tears are for nothing. I pray that it's just an oversight and that my dates are just off. . I wasn't prepared for another one. I wasn't even excited, yet. I was hoping this ultrasound would change my heart. The sight of the baby would get me excited for a new addition. I feel guilty for feeling this way. Embarrassed for putting it out there knowing my history and now I may have nothing to show for it. . I try to smile and laugh since it is the kids' first day of school and they have stories to tell me... but deep down I'm scared. I fear for the worst and I'm hoping for best. . . . . #7weekspregnant #blightedovum #miscarriage #hopeforthebest #preparefortheworst #baby6 #pregnancy #pregnant #ultrasound #earlypregnancy