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I love seeing my husband holding babies 😍 it always reminds me of what an amazing father he’ll be one day. I feel it when I watch him playing with our puppy too. He’s such a fun, kind and caring man. Today marks 6 weeks and I’m still living in constant fear that it’s all just going to go away at any moment. We have another week and a bit to wait until our first scan, which is torture! I’m convinced there won’t be a baby in there after all. In terms of symptoms, I’ve swung from having the appetite of an elephant, to nothing sounding appealing and feeling full easily. The last couple of days I’ve been totally exhausted and I’ve been quite crampy, which has seen me on knicker-checking duty each time I go to the loo! I’ve spoken to a few friends about the anxiety of early pregnancy, which has made me feel a little less manic about it, but honestly, until I see a little blob next week, I’m just not sure I can believe it’s actually happening. Thankfully, I’m travelling with work for a big conference this week, so hopefully that will keep my mind occupied at least a little bit! #6weekspregnant #earlypregnancy #pregnancyanxiety #ttcafterloss #pregnancyafterloss #pcospregnancy