Prices at Niagra We learned a valuable lesson when we went this time around as upcoming parents. We saw a lit of people with snacks, sandwhickes, coolers. It dawned on us that these families knew how to spend. I want to say that the cheapest is a one day stay as little as $150. Attractions are only $10-12 each, if you drive all you'd pay is attraction (gas). If you want a cheap place to eat try Wendy's & Tim Hortons. We saw most families here & decide to go iur last day. Just a buger can cost you $24.99 at other resturants in the main attraction area. A medium pizza will cost $20 plus tax. Water is $3 a bottle. The best is to get a hotel with ample time that includes breakfast (try groupon) that has heated pool, wifi, jacuzzi, coupons ect for $130 2 nights. Our was low due to the days we went Sun-tue. Winter up until may is way cheaper then summer. The for the passes change. A pass will cost $30 plus tax but inculdes 6 attractions & can be used up to 1yr with the recipt (but ask to make sure). The cheapest with hotel, buffer spending, budgeting, attractions, some eating out for 2 people can be $400. If you do snacks, eating in places like wendys or free breakfast $300. If you accidently got a further hotel Uber is cheaper then taxi ($10-12). If you get there by Go train usually there is a free shuttle bus to niagra. It is a family friendly place but be sure to bring snack or cooked meals in your cooler with an ice pack. It was a lot of fun and can be done at reasonable prices! 😁 - - - #pictureoftheday #documenting #niagra #latina #money #babymoon #prices #hotels #foodie #newmom #mom #family #love #fun #pregnancy #earlypregnancy #life #couplegoals #summer #beauty #heights #bugeting