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My brain is scrambled. I am still pregnant 😭😭 ultrasound scan confirmed sac and yolk measuring around 5 weeks. That tiny, tiny flutter has given us hope and I am so, so glad its not ectopic. 💗💗 but am terrified as also seen on the ultrasound was a large mass of blood located between the sac and uterine wall. Which we are considering is causing the bleeding which is now ongoing, again. We genuinely do not know if the pregnancy will continue or not, we have to take it day by day and go back for another scan in 10 days. Please, please, send me good vibes and sticky baby dust. Please stay inside me, my tiny poppy seed sized bean. 💖💖💖 Love and baby dust to all x #5weekspregnant #earlypregnancy #love #hope #familyiseverything #bleedinginpregnancy #pregnancybleed #subchorionichemorrhage #subchorionichematoma #pregnancysupport #earlypregnancybleeding #miracle #miraclebaby #hanginginthere