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In April 2018 I remember I was on the phone to my best girlfriend on Bluetooth in the car driving to work. I suddenly felt a rush of nausea come over me, I pulled over, hung up and somehow managed not to vomit. “You’re pregnant” said my bestie when I called her back. I remember thinking, surely not. I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 17 years old, my periods always irregular and when they did arrive they were long, heavy and very painful. Over the years I have had on and off pain, ovarian cyst rupture and that comes with a wide range of symptoms similar to pregnancy; sore lower back, fatigue, nausea etc. I had been on the oral contraceptive pill and suffered a lot of breakthrough bleeding and decided to get the implanon when I was 18. I had this replaced when needed and found this gave me and my symptoms the best relief. I was now 26 and I had taken my implanon out in January in anticipation to start a family with my partner of almost ten years. Every decision I have made from being that 17 year old girl in a doctors clinic and being told I have PCOS has been for my family. The family I had dreamt I would have when the time was right. Having a diagnosis so young meant I was fortunate enough to know if a family was what I wanted I should start sooner rather than later. So I built my career, I planned and I saved. I anticipated this journey to take quite some time. I anticipated I would struggle to fall pregnant and it potentially take years. It had been about three months when I sat in the carpark alone, nauseated and with abdominal cramping that felt like air trapped in my lower belly. Could I be pregnant? Surely it couldn’t be that simple? #ttc #pregnant #journeytomotherhood #workingmum #stayathomemom #mumlife #fertilityawareness #pregnancy #earlypregnancy #mama #mum #mummy #pcos #pcospregnancy #pcosawareness #hope #lifelongdream #pcoswarriors #ttcwithpcos #love #husband #wife #unexpected #againsttheodds #pcoswarriors #mumma #mummy #mom #mums #daddy #dada #dad