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Oh, my friends. Your uproar over our yard drama was both comforting and hilarious. I love Instagram because of the ability to find large community of likeminded people—and it makes me so happy that all of us value the weeds and wild so much! ❤️ These past few weeks have me run absolutely ragged. Martin has started a new job (we are so grateful, but it’s been an intense start,) we’ve had a lot of external responsibilities and obligations, and I’m just really lacking my usual energy. We are totally off our schedule, grocery shopping makes me incredibly nauseated, so we’ve fallen out of our usual good eating habits, and our start to schooling has been terrible because of all of these things combined. It’s just been rough. But i ordered this shirt from @raisingtito when I was feeling especially sorry for myself, and I’m glad I did because I’m in the I’m-Just-Fat stage of pregnancy and it’s one of the only things that fits me. Plus, I think it’s really cute. (Notice the big red splotches on my face... another ongoing struggle. 😔) Whew. I’m hoping September brings calmer waters and we can get back into some kind of gentle routine. In the meantime, I’m off to make my first grocery delivery order and it will probably be an order of just lemons, because I’m craving lemons like crazy these days. 🍋 Share with me your cravings and gender outcomes, please! I find them so intriguing! #honestmotherhood #roughpatch #earlypregnancy #homeschooling #nausea #busybusy #mightymother #cravings #exhausted