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Early Pregnancy Clinic Appointment... Well what a ride that was!!! . . Firstly I was told the HcG Blood Test from yesterday hasn’t come through and there is to be no ultrasound today because it’s still to early. . . So we have book in a time in 2 Weeks!!! When I’m 8w pregnant to do a follow up ultrasound. 😫😫 We did yet another blood test today to grab HcG levels. . . . I just received a phone call.. Sunday HcG was 6033 Today they are above 8000 So it is rising!! Which is a real positive!!! I happy about those results! I just can’t wait to have my scan to make sure everything is ok! . . . Before the bleeding I had an ultrasound for this Friday booked in... I kind of still want to go, but scared to at the same time I will be exactly 6w on Friday! I don’t know whether to wait for the hospitals scan or just go in to the pre booked ultrasound for the dating scan anyway? Ahhhh