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5 weeks and this is what's inside of me right now... It is tiny. Actually 1.4 mm. That IS tiny but clearly there. . . So tiny that you'd think it's not even there? This soul has connected with you long time ago. I've met this soul in February while meditating. It said it would come. Actually it introduced itself with the name "Benjamin". So it said it's a boy. My partner is still hoping for a girl but you know the deal. A healthy baby is all you need and lets see if i was right. 🤷🏽‍♀️ . . Anyhow these little souls choose us conciously. It chooses you, with all your heart, mistakes, faults, strengths and weaknesses. They know the deal before they come so you have no reason to try to become a good mother. You are. By nature. . . Why mothers experience early term pregnancy loss? Or why mothers decide to go for a abortion? . . From a spiritual context, a miscarriage is when the baby's spirit decides it isn't ready to come into earth yet, where abortion is when the mother's spirit decides it isn't ready to welcome a baby into earth yet. . . One is a choice of the baby spirit; the other is the choice of the mother's spirit. 🙏🏻✨ . . #spiritualmama #spiritualpregnancy #spiritualmotherhood #fertility #childloss #abortion #misscarriage #spiritualmeaning #babysoul #earlypregnancy