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I wasn’t sure if to put this screenshot of our pregnancy app up as I know it’s not going to interest people, but like Kim said, it’s my page and the whole point is to share how I’m feeling to help me with past trauma and anxiety so 🤷🏻‍♂️ sorry if it doesn’t interest you. Im not here for followers or likes, just a place I can put down how I’m feeling. I feel like I’m not helping at all in this pregnancy. I can’t do a thing about the morning sickness she suffers. The sleepless nights when she has a slight bleed and worries, the constant need to pee which makes her not want to go for long walks or anything right now. Today I’m back to feeling like I’m stupid and always unable to help, and I hate feeling that way. Kim hits the 9 weeks pregnant mark on Saturday and we have our first antenatal appointment tomorrow as they want to monitor her closely due to many problems already. I have so many questions to ask already, they will probably think I’m over reacting but I’m just concerned. And then I think, should I ask so many questions so soon? Uh 🤦🏻‍♂️ It only feels like yesterday we were both scared to look at the pregnancy test in case it was negative, and then both crying all day when we saw the pink line appear. ❤️Just please please stay with us little one. You have no idea how much you are loved and wanted already by everyone. #stress #dayoff #takenadayoff #worried #concern #feelingusless #feelinghelpless #earlypregnancy #pregnant #pregnancy #pregnancytest #pregnancytestpositive #antenatal #8weekspregnant #littleone #baby #babyonway #staywithus #please #hope #fingerscrossed #anyadvicewelcome