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Food for the Pregnant There are a couple of lists stating what food can be beneficial or harmful during pregnancy. Fish is a big No No! However some fish maybe ok or even beneficial to have. In my case well cooked Salmon once a month is not bad. Some lists include women to have fish, specifically white fish. It may seem counter to buy fish since we tend to be unsure of what we will really enjoy because our new sense of smell can turn us off. Yet, it is good to give it a try. So to have a healthier, random option during pregnancy. Usual well cooked fish (white fish) can be added on in the 2nd trimester. Along with well cooked veg such as mushroom & well washed at home prepared salads. Some 1st trimester women can have veg, salads if they can keep it down. Other big No No's are deli meats, hotdogs, sushi, mustard, honey,sodas,coffee, teas, candies(too many), too many eggs, certain fruit, organic anything (not sure why), unprocessed (organic) cheese and list goes on. So as for fish don't fret. You maybe able to have it if your Dr gives the ok. Remember to eat your folic acid everyday and take your recommended prenatles. - - - - #foodie #salmon #ovenbaked #yummy #omnomnom #nom #pregncylife #pregnancyfood #earlypregnancy #followtofollow #moms #babies #latina #documenting #lifestyle #pregnancyfood #health #dosdonts #cooking #pictureoftheday #veg