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4 weeks 4 days (according to my ovia app). I am famished and thirstythirstythirsty I spend all day shoveling things into my mouth and Ben spends all day shoveling my boob into his mouth and this new little one is spending all day becoming and I am so in love! The love I have for Ben helps me love this brand new limitless potential of a being so big already. Every time Ben nurses and I look down at his little body nestled against my belly I think of how lucky I am that I get to hold both of my babies, that in this moment I am able to supply all the needs of two of the humans I love most. It won't always be this way, but right now I am their entire world and I feel so damn proud. ********* 6 hours later the same day. I am feeling drained. I spent all day telling close friends and family our big, new, news about our tiny, new, family member. I cleaned the whole house. I took care of Ben. I wanted to take a nap but I didn't have a chance as we had people coming over this evening and everything was a mess. They were people I was excited to spend time with but once they got here I just felt spent. Reminding myself that resting in pregnancy is not laziness, but having a hard time accepting that today. *a journal entry from earlier.* #4weekspregnant #firsttrimester #pregnancy #earlypregnancy #breastfeeding #breastfeedingandpregnant #pregnantandbreastfeeding #twoundertwo