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embrace the eww ⠀⠀ With hopes of healing my #earlypregnancy #babyblues, my #onetruelove planned a week-long #babymoon for the two of us at a yoga retreat in Siargao, a small island in the Philippines. ⠀⠀ ICYMI, the Philippines is a ‘developing’ country in the very hot, humid, tropical region of SE Asia #indopac. Locals live in small, open-air concrete homes, usually without indoor plumbing, always without AC. There are very few paved roads. Water is NOT potable. Eating native fruits, veggies, and livestock is risky for ExPats with #firstworldtummies. While Siargao’s overall environment is perfect for yogis hoping to unplug from a fast-paced digital world, and reconnect with a more simple style of life, it’s not great during pregnancy. ⠀⠀ AKA an experience that would usually come as a welcome adventure of cultural exploration (plus much-needed rest & relaxation), instead presented itself as an unexpected practice in openly embracing the eww. ⠀⠀ It took me a minute to acclimate and adjust my #pregnancyperspective, but inevitably, I realized I had a huge opportunity to practice #positivemindset and everyday mindfulness; I just had to get comfortable with being uncomfortable, and actively invite gratitude and joy into every space I could. ⠀⠀ Like when our chef brought out this clean, #nutrientdense, #proteinpacked breakfast bowl laden with my Japanese nemesis (matcha), I took a moment to acknowledge the time, effort, energy and life that was necessary for its creation and my hopeful enjoyment. Then, I took a bite. Sure, I didn’t like it, nor did I finish. But we don’t NEED to like everything; nor do we need to finish anything we don’t purposefully intend to begin. The point is: I was open to tasting something new. I was grateful for the simple gift of offered nourishment. ⠀⠀ MORAL OF THE STORY: no matter where you are in life - physically or mentally - when life gives you lemons, accept them with grace. Say, ‘Hey! Thanks for the lemons!’ Then, boil them with ginger and make some healing herbal tea. Use them however you need (and want). ⠀⠀ What EWW can you embrace today? What expectations can you let go to better enjoy your experience? ⠀⠀ Xx