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I’ve been reading up about uterus linings! I’ve read that after treatment for a missed miscarriage your lining can be thinner... I’m wondering if this is why I’ve had sporadic spotting and 2 light periods since treatment. // Whilst researching I came across the benefits of raspberry leaf tea and pomegranate juice, drinking one cup a day will help to thicken lining. // With the raspberry leaf tea research suggests it ‘tones and strengthens’ your uterus wall as well as helping to thicken lining when ttc ... (I have no idea if my lining is thin, I know when I went back for the second scan to make sure there was no product left behind she said my lining looked thin which was to be expected after miscarriage)... but how do I know it’s building back up!? There’s nothing to suggest it isn’t but I’m thinking why not give my body a little extra boost!... // I’ve read with Raspberry leaf tea that you should only drink it cycle days 1-13 when ttc and not in the two week wait as if you do conceive the tea can cause the uterus to contract where it strengthens which you Ofcourse don’t want to happen in those first pivotal weeks.. however most pregnant women drink this tea in the third trimester closer to the end as it is supposedly meant to help prepare the uterus for labour and create a better birthing experience // Since reading ttc stories of women who have had a cup of this tea a day and they’ve had successful outcomes of their lining thickening and become a more hospitable environment for the next little bean I thought why not! It can’t hurt and this clipper tea is delicious. // With the pomegranate juice again I’ve read because pomegranate is rich in many nutrients, including vitamin C, vitamin K, folic acid and several other vitamins and minerals, it can again boost fertility and help that lining to become healthier and thicker // Let’s see if this cycle is any different! 💪🏻♥️ // #pregnancy #earlypregnancy #earlypregnancyloss #earlypregnancylossawareness #miscarriage #missedmiscarriage #earlymiscarriage #pain #heartache #heartbreak #silentmiscarriage #miscarriagesucks #tryingtoconceive #babydance #movingforward #redraspberryleaftea #pomegranatejuice #ttc