So yesterday was a very BIG day. My diaphragm had been hurting since the weekend and I had trouble catching my breath, and this kept getting worse. So the fertility department of my hospital made us rush over. Turns out one of my ovaries has been overstimulated! It's about twice the size it should be, from what I understood. So I've been put on bedrest and am only allowed off the couch to use the toilet or get something to drink/eat. I was also dehydrated, because my ovary had been using most of my fluid intake, so I now need to drink 3 liters (102 ounces) a day! We also got very lovely news though! The reason my ovary is overstimulated is that, aside from the hCG in the (extra) Pregnyl injections I had to do, my body has also started producing hCG itself! Which means... I'm Pregnant! The IVF/ICSI treatment worked! Our 1st echo is on August 8th and hopefully there'll be a heartbeat. But for now we're enjoying every moment we get with this sweet little embryo. And no one will be able to take that away from us ❤ ------ The video update I made is actually 10mins, but Insta only allows 1min videos. I uploaded the entire video to my Youtube channel though, the link is in my bio :) ------ #ivfsucces #icsisucces #icsibaby #earlypregnancy #prilzwanger #storytime #overstim #pregnylinjections #hcg #pregnancyhormones #bedrest #ivfsideeffects #ivfwarrior #pregnantafterinfertility #ivfpregnancy #icsipregnancy #zwangernaivf #miracle #pregnant #worthit #totallyworthit #cantbelieveimpregnant #hellobaby