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Can you hold a plank for a minute? Of course you can! But maybe not straight away, you might need some training first. . If you wouldn’t try to smash out a CrossFit circuit without training, would you go into labour without doing the prep? It’s an incredible mental and physical challenge that you want to be prepared and get excited for. . In my prenatal appointments we practice a series of active coping techniques you can use during your labour. We also practice hypnobirthing and calm birthing methods (depending on the course the couple may have taken), these methods help you to stay present and relaxed during your labour. It’s important to have as many tools as possible you can utilise, as you never know what’s going to work until you get there. . I ALWAYS think of the women labouring when I’m holding a plank 😂 if they can do it, I can do it 💪🏼 . 📷: @wanderfull_ #youvegotthis #imintrainingforthosedoublehipsqueezes #youcandoanythingforaminute