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💓Believe and you already half way there. . Sounds simple yeh?. It really can be. By changing your daily mindset through pregnancy is practicing your energy flow to allow your body and mind to automatically feel safe and connected to your baby through labour and transitioning into birth and the moments after. Understanding that your mind is⚡POWERFUL!! Your thoughts are ⚡POWERFUL! Use them- with the best intentions. Practise doesn't always mean the outcome is perfect, practice means that your thought process can go back and relate to what you've been working on and see how far you've come with a positive belief system that all you need now is to BELIEVE in yourself and your baby that you are both capable to birth together, however that might be. . . Xx #beliefsystem #earlypregnancy #hypnobirthing #mindset #earlylabour #birthdoula #melbournemumma #thebirthdoulajess #birthtalk #newmum