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I did have a little giggle when I saw this 😂 but it’s Sooooo true! The amount of times I’ve been told “relax it’ll happen again when it happens”... RELAX!? relax after miscarriage I think not... I know our mind and bodies need to be in a calm state but miscarriage makes you constantly wonder... 💭 // My husband and I took a leap of faith at the end of last week and we’ve started ttc again. This time I must admit it does feel different; but in a good way.. Ofcourse it’s in the back of my mind constantly but I haven’t been dwelling on it, I haven’t been trying to predict dates, to be honest it wasn’t until today I suddenly thought I must be nearing my ovulation time! But this didn’t make me think ok we have to get on it! We’re just taking everything at our own pace and will see how things go! But it is amazing how close my husband and I feel again ♥️ #pregnancy #earlypregnancy #earlypregnancyloss #earlypregnancylossawareness #miscarriage #missedmiscarriage #earlymiscarriage #pain #heartache #heartbreak #silentmiscarriage #miscarriagesucks #tryingtoconceive #babydance #movingforward