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We offer early scans from 7 weeks of pregnancy. If you come before this gestation it can be TOO EARLY to detect a fetal heart beat and cause you unnecessary concern. ➡️This is because the embryo is the third structure to be visualized using ultrasound in an early pregnancy! . ➡️Around 5.5 -6 weeks gestational age the embryo appears as only a 2-3 mm focal thickening at the periphery of the yolk sac, and heart activity may still be undetectable. . ➡️This pattern is termed the “diamond ring” 💍 sign. This appearance is given by the yolk sac, which represents the “ring” and the tiny early embryo located on the outside representing the “diamond”. This is the earliest sign of embryonic development. If you are unsure of your dates please let us know so we can try and advise you on the best time to visit x .