TWO LINES! I am currently fighting a head cold, I left work yesterday and had a feeling I was pregnant! I have been super gassy the last two weeks and for someone who hardly farts I could easily fill a hot air balloon with the amount of gas I was passing 😂 so I left work yesterday and took a pregnancy test. The line was so faint but there was a line, well my head was telling me there was one. Fast forward to 3am when I’m in bed sick as a dog, I decided to get up and do another to find a darker line which clearly indicates I’m pregnant! Though I’m so over the moon, I’m also so worried! Mine and Husbands blood aren’t so compatible, I am rh-negative while husband is rh-positive. This can cause issues within the pregnancy. So as happy as I am, I also don’t want to get my hopes up as I have miscarried before. I will be hoping all goes well and safe until the 12 week mark! Also if anyone knows any natural remedies to rid a cold, drop your remedies below! #pregnant #earlypregnancy #concieved #mummyblog #babyblog #babynumber2 #followmyjourney