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I share my story because it just might help another first-time mom save their baby. LADIES, IF YOU ARE IN THE EARLY STAGES OF YOUR FIRST PREGNANCY, PLEASE FAMILIARIZE YOURSELF WITH THE TERM “INSUFFICIENT CERVIX”. THIS CONDITION CAN ONLY BE DETECTED DURING PREGNANCY AND EVEN THEN, DIAGNOSIS CAN BE DIFFICULT. AMONGST OTHER SYMPTOMS, IF YOU EXPERIENCE CONSTANT PELVIC PAIN (AS IN MY CASE), INSIST THAT YOUR DOCTORS EXPLORE THE CAUSE, DO NOT LET THEM SIMPLY CHALK IT UP TO A GROWING STOMACH. ONCE DIAGNOSED, THERE ARE A NUMBER OF OPTIONS TO SUPPORT YOUR CERVIX INCLUDING A CERCLAGE, SUTURES TO HOLD THE UTERUS CLOSED. IF IT IS DETERMINED THAT A CERCLAGE IS YOUR BEST OPTION, THE PROCEDURE TYPICALLY NEEDS TO BE DONE BY WEEK 14 OF PREGNANCY SO TIME IS ABSOLUTELY OF THE ESSENCE. In my naïveté of pregnancy, I always thought that once you completed your first trimester, you were in the clear. My prenatal visits always went well. I was healthy and so was baby. We would watch her moving around on the ultrasound and listen to the sweet music that was her heartbeat, I had no cause for concern. As I entered the second trimester, I began experiencing constant pelvic pain. I was vocal about it, but my Obgyn always maintained that it was simply my ligaments stretching and organs shifting to make room for a growing uterus. Fast forward to 2 nights prior to my baby’s passing. I lay in a hospital bed, admitted because I had started leaking amniotic fluid, as the doctor informed me that I had what was called an “Insufficient Cervix”. It had already dialated and all we could do at that point was keep me on bed rest to try to keep the baby inside as long as possible. A Cerclage was no longer an option at this stage. THE LESSON HERE IS THAT WHILE WE RELY ON OUR DOCTORS TO BE THE EXPERTS, IT IS UP TO US TO DO OUR OWN RESEARCH AND KNOW YOUR OPTIONS BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE. #shareyourstory #earlypregnancy #incompetentcervix