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14 weeks/second trimester and I still haven't taken any weekly photos. I compared this pregnancy to my first and I look to be about the size that I was at 19 weeks. I didn't show much with him then so its not hugely noticeable (I'm in that chubby tymmy looking stage) but I am bigger sooner with this one. I may be able to get to my 20 week scan before it becomes super noticeable but I may buy a big cardigan just in case 😉. My nausea has ceased for the most part and instead I need to eat every other hour at the latest. I'm eating a lot better but that and my water intake is not back to normal yet. My energy level has not increased. I still nap at least a couple hours right in the freaking middle of the day and again in the evening. I can't stop myself. The worst thing is that migraines have started up daily, I toss and turn at night and gas. Oh my gosh. I finally took an off brand tylenol for my head and then felt ill after. I can't win there but baby was well last checked so I'm doing good. I still worry but we're good so far. Going to go nap now. . . . . . . . . . #ivfjourney #ttcsisters #ttccommunity #secondtrimester #ivf #infertility #3dembryotransfer #3daytransfer #14weeks #earlypregnancy #pickle #naptime #wheresmyenergy #notmyphoto