You wanted to know if it's normal to shake during labor. And actually, it is really normal to shake during labor, and if you didn't shake then, then you'll likely start shaking shortly after the baby is born, and it's because of an adrenaline rush. It's one of your body's coping strategies to help you through everything that's happening during labor and afterwards. Think of a time when you were really scared, or you almost got in a car accident, or something, and you start to shake uncontrollably. This same kind of thing happens in labor, only it can be complete body shakes. So you're not having a seizure, but you may (very noticeably, sometimes violently) shake, and some women feel like this is due to the fact that they're cold. And sometimes you can feel a little cold and uncomfortable during labor, and warm blankets can be so soothing, and comforting, and help with that, but they're not going to help the shaking go away, because it's not due to a temperature control problem. Epidurals can also contribute to the shaking just because of the type of medication that you're getting, it can cause a little bit of that effect, but whether you have one or not, it is very normal to shake. It's just better if you go into the experience expecting the shaking, because it's super common to experience and, actually, there's nothing you can do to stop it. And if you try to stop the shaking or control it, it gets worse, so just let it shake out. And it usually subsides by and hour or 2 after delivery. If you have more questions or concerns about it, talk with your OB provider who can give you tailored information and advice, and if you have more questions in the future for me, feel free to ask them on our Intermountain Moms Facebook and Instagram pages, and recommend us to your friends and family too.